Flux #18 - $82,557 raised. 3 days left. Help us reach $100k!

Rebalancing our relationship with technology

We have a lot to fill you guys in on.

First off, immense gratitude to everyone who has offered their time, voice, and/or financial contribution to this campaign. It’s been empowering to witness this momentum build entirely by worth of mouth. We haven’t (and will never) run any paid advertisements so your role in this grassroots initiative goes a long way.

I’d also like to extend a special shoutout to Raymond Powell. Ray is a compassionate and pioneering individual who used to work on the core development team at Holochain. He is also a gifted engineer and architect who creates systems to solve some of our world’s most complex political, social, and economical problems. Ray generously donated $52,000 to Junto, lifting our campaign near the finish line.

Thank you as well to the Holochain team, volunteers, and community for everything you have done to move this forward. Your support has truly carried us.

We are nearing the turn of an exciting chapter. We have a growing community and brewing partnerships we’ll reveal once they solidify. Help us hit this milestone by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign these last three days. We just released a full description of how our product will work so be sure to check that out as well :)

Much love to everyone. Let’s rally and get this done.

- Eric


What’s new


  • CryptoBriefing, a leading independent voice in decentralization, just published an article on Junto! Feel free to give it a read here.


  • Whoops, the cat’s out of the bag. Take a look at all our secrets here.


  • We’re looking for two engineers to join us. Below is a description of what we’re about and who we’re looking for. If you want to help bring this to life or know someone who might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to reach out at eric@junto.foundation. https://junto.substack.com/p/flux-13-create-with-us



Here’s what our team found valuable this week:

From Eric:

I’ll let this speak for itself. #arttothemoon

From Yaz:

Thank you, Riley Wagner, for sharing this video. On point.


From Drea:

From Dora:

Balance is key: the re-introduction of a small number of wolves transformed not only the eco-system of the Yellowstone National Park but its geography as well.

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