Flux #27 - Junto Freeform Event, Telegram, and More

a movement for authenticity

Hey everyone, Yaz here!

Just a couple of quick updates today:

What would social media look like if it were offline?

The second Junto Den: Freeform event will be taking place on June 28th at 8pm at Junto Den NYC! Check out the Eventbrite and RSVP here. Really excited to keep iterating on this event. Feel free to share the flyer below and see you there!

Junto Telegram

We’ve moved our public communication channel from Slack to Telegram - join the conversation here!

We’re nearly halfway through 2019. Lets gooooo. Best wishes to you all!



Check out our latest demo video of the interface :)


We’re looking to raise another $100,000 between now and our first round of funding from institutional donors. If you feel called to move this project forward financially, we’d appreciate any donations via our Indiegogo page. For those that would like to sponsor us with larger donations, feel free to reach out to Eric at eric@junto.foundation. We accept Holo Tokens as well :)

**We are already halfway at this goal and will highlight these generous individuals and/or the organization they donated on behalf of next week. More soon!**

We want your feedback.

Like what you see? Share it! Think we can be doing things better? Let us know. We’re open to ideas so DM us at hi@junto.foundation or drop any of the team members a note at their individual emails listed on our website here.