Flux #28 - Junto Fundraising Highlights, Alpha 0, and more

A Movement For Authenticity

Happy Friday everyone,

Eric here with a few updates and signals of gratitude.

As you may know, we’re looking to raise another $100k between now and our first round of institutional funding. We have several ongoing conversations with notable foundations who are interested in fueling this initiative after we’ve released. Until then, there are quite a few bills that need to be taken care :)

Since we made this announcement two weeks ago, two generous individuals answered the call and I’d like to recognize them for their philanthropy.

The first donor anonymously contributed 20 million Holo Tokens (~ $36,000 USD at this time of writing) on behalf of the Generating Transformative Change community. GTC’s mission is to liberate the deep potential of humanity through interdisciplinary programs of self-inquiry, cognitive study, reflecting and coaching, action learning projects, and more. I encourage you to check them out here.

We also received a $25,000 donation from David Magerman. David is a philanthropist and former hedge fund executive at Renaissance Technologies who donates his time and money to humanitarian projects, including the nonprofit Freedom from Facebook. He was featured on Vice if you’d like to check out his story below.

It’s inspiring and motivating to witness the selfless contributions that go into making this nonprofit a reality. We have another $40,000 to raise - if you feel called to help move this forward, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at eric@junto.foundation.

In the meantime, here’s a snapshot of our latest developments:

  • Dora has taken lead on organizing all of our crowdfunding rewards and has started shipping them out. Keep an eye out for your mail over the next few weeks!

  • We just reached Alpha 0 on our open source Holochain API. This means all the core functionality and tests are now running smoothly. Thanks Josh for all the hard work you’re putting in.

  • We’re dropping a new landing page July 14th. It’s looking real nice - I’m excited for you all to check it out 😎

  • We’re about two weeks ago from Alpha 0 on our mobile frontend. I’ll release another demo at the end of July and open source the code sometime in August. We’re aiming to begin onboarding our first members in Aug/Sep, depending on a few remaining Holochain-related items.

  • Our Telegram channel is growing and we’re looking for both moderators and people who can manage extension channels in different regions/languages (Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.) Join the conversation here and reach out to yasmin@junto.foundation for collaboration on this front.

  • We are growing a distributed network of physical Junto communities. Over time we want to reallocate the revenue we save on being tax-exempt back into these Junto Dens so they can self-organize and tackle issues unique to their local communities. Reach out if you’re interested in holding space in your city.

Thank you all again for your continued support. Let’s keep building on this momentum - we are going to peak at the right time.



Check out our latest demo video of the interface :)

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