Flux #29 - We made a podcast!

Junto Talks - Episode 1

We’re very excited to release our latest initiative… an organic conversational endeavor (otherwise known as a podcast).

Check out the first of our upcoming series! This one is about the implications of sharing art online. We’re taking a very free-flowing approach to these conversations and are hoping to cover a wide variety of topics. Looking forward to whats to come! Think you wanna participate? Reach out to yasmin@junto.foundation.


  • Junto’s Telegram channel is growing and we’re looking for both moderators and people who can manage extension channels in different regions/languages (Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.) Join the conversation here and reach out to yasmin@junto.foundation for collaboration on this front.

  • We are growing a distributed network of physical Junto communities. Over time we want to reallocate the revenue we save on being tax-exempt back into these Junto Dens so they can self-organize and tackle issues unique to their local communities. Reach out if you’re interested in holding space in your city.

  • We’re dropping a new landing page July 14th. It’s looking real nice - excited for you all to check it out 😎

  • We’re about one week away from Alpha 0 on our mobile frontend and will release another demo at the end of July. We’ll open source the code sometime in August and are aiming to begin onboarding the first members in Aug/Sep, depending on a few remaining Holochain-related items.


Here’s what our team found valuable this week:

From Drea:

We want your feedback.

Like what you see? Share it! Think we can be doing things better? Let us know. We’re open to ideas so DM us at hi@junto.foundation or drop any of the team members a note at their individual emails listed on our website here.