Flux #30 - New Website, Junto Origin Story, and Eric's Patreon Page

A Movement For Authenticity

Hey everyone! Eric here with a few updates to kickstart your week.

We spent the past three weeks giving the website a facelift. Those who contributed as sponsors in our crowdfunding campaign are now highlighted as well. Feel free to check it out and share it with your circles :) junto.foundation

I also launched a personal Patreon page. I take a $0 salary from Junto and this channel would take care of my expenses to keep things moving. I explain why and share the origin story of Junto on the Patreon page. Any support is much appreciated.

Finally, we will be ramping up events in New York with our new Assemblage membership and expect to open up the platform within two months.

As always, take care and enjoy this outtakes video our talented teammate Drea put together in the meantime!



Check out our latest demo video of the interface :)


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