Flux #36 - Participate in This Co-Creative Process

A Movement For Authenticity

Hi friends,

Tomis here with a request to hear from you. 

If you’ve been with us for a while, hopefully it is clear by now that we are designing Junto to serve our collective needs, values, and desires. As we work towards sharing Junto Alpha, we are refining and prioritizing key patterns and features. Revisit this article by Yaz if you’re looking for a deeper dive into a bunch of the design concepts that we’re already putting in place. 

We intend to establish high levels of transparency and communication between the Junto collective and the core team to ensure the evolution of the application is in service to its community. 

We want you to be in on this co-creative process as soon as possible as we begin building our pattern language, so I’m jumping into your inbox to ask you to consider some of the higher-level questions that have guided us to this point.

Share your perspective with us in this short survey.

With love and gratitude,



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