Flux #6 | New Site & November's Sprint

expression that flows

Eric here. A little late getting to you all with this issue of Flux, but with good reason.

We just dropped a new site. Decided to refactor the landing page from scratch and switch to a new domain. Feel free to have a browse here - www.junto.foundation

In light of the new month, here’s what November’s sprint looks like moving forward:

  • Roll out Junto representatives initiative (more on this soon)

  • Release an official promo video

  • More grassroots social experiments and live events

  • Finalize iOS UX/UI (user experience/user interface)

  • Finalize web UX/UI

  • Build Junto Holochain app in Rust

  • Build mobile container

  • Begin integrating iOS and web UX/UI with new Holochain application

As always, reach out if you have any questions or want to get involved.

Much love and Happy Diwali.

- Eric

// for more info: https://junto.foundation

What’s new


Holochain Rust Developer Preview

  • Holochain’s prototype was written in a programming language called Go. They spent the past few months rewriting it in Rust and just released the Rust Developer Preview last week. Junto is refactoring our Holochain application using their latest Rust version to lay important foundation and optimize our platform’s efficiency. (Source: Medium)


Ecosia to become a nonprofit

  • Ecosia is an eco-friendly, alternative search engine to Google. The difference? They use their profits to plant trees where they’re needed most. Their founder and CEO Christian Kroll recently announced that they were going transition into a nonprofit company. This makes it legally binding that they will never be able to sell Ecosia at a profit or take money out of the company. (Source: Ecosia)

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Weekly Resonations

Here’s what our team found valuable this week:


In between making sure things run smoothly at Junto, coding, freelancing, and maintaining a well groomed mustache for No-Shave November, it’s been difficult to find time for myself. I spent some time thinking about self-care this past weekend and wanted to share some insights I wrote for myself:

  • Self-care is self-respect.

  • Respect yourself enough to create time to build a relationship with yourself.

  • Prioritize time for stillness, family, relationships and work respectively. The things that seem important are likely not that important in the long run.

  • Nurture the ability to be silent in mind and motion.

  • Be there for others, but don’t overextend yourself. Also, be mindful that your motivations don’t stem from seeking external validation of self-worth.

  • Be present. Don’t make a habit of letting your thoughts or other people command your attention from what you are meant to be focusing on.

Would love to hear your thoughts surrounding self-care and/or any tips you use to be disciplined about making time for yourself.


prelude: ambiguity

social experiment: word-spreading in new york

fact: today’s the new moon

feeling: overthink = overwhelm

outro: dancing brings people together

outro II: kyle hornick shared this



Hanna Gavios, a.k.a. Wonder Woman (and a friend of mine) crutched the entire marathon. She is raising money for spinal cord injury research. You can read her story and support her here.

Hannah Gavios crosses the finish line of the New York City Marathon surrounded by supporters.

Creator of the Week (aka weekly demigoddess)

This week’s creator of the week is a good friend of mine (Eric’s) who wanted to stay anonymous. On top of being modest, she is an incredibly talented writer. Check out some of the poetry she’s written at her new Instagram page @poomoftheday.

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