Junto | Flux #7 - Welcome Back, Josh

expression that flows

Aloha, it’s Josh.

I’ve recently arrived in NYC to join the Junto team on getting our product finished over the next couple of months. Exciting stuff happening here. We already built a functioning Junto Holochain application using their Go prototype code base. But as their development has progressed, they moved over to a Rust/C based implementation which will be their main code base going forward. With this in mind, we needed to rewrite our code base. This provided an opportunity to spend some time and completely rethink how we design backend system(s). Traditional backend code is rigid - it has defined operations which are usually application specific and it cannot evolve outside of these features unless more code is added. With distributed technology, a new possibility emerges with the way users interact with data and the way in which that data is stored. All of a sudden, the possibility to have a code base that can expand to any type of human expressions and sort/link human expression in a dynamic/flexible manner emerges. More to follow…

If you wish to talk about the future of consciousness or the web, please drop me a message! (josh@junto.foundation)


- Josh

// for more info: https://junto.foundation

What’s new


New Website

  • If you missed last week’s issue, we just dropped a new site! Give it a browse here and share it with those who you think would resonate. (Source: Junto)


The EU Votes to Ban Single-Use Plastics

  • Yes, you read that right. EU lawmakers voted 571 to 53 in favor of a complete ban of 10 single-use plastics. Their aim is to put this ban into motion by 2021, giving nations enough breathing room to comfortably transition. (Source: Futurism)


Different Types of Meditation Change Different Areas of the Brain

  • Meditation and mindfulness practices have produced impressive evidence suggesting that these practices can change not only the function and structure of our brain, but our behavior and moment-to-moment experience as well. The participants that engaged in three different types of training for three months each found that each practice led to an increase in corresponding brain areas. For example, training in the ‘Presence’ module enhanced thickness in the anterior prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex, which are both strongly involved in attention. Moreover, training in the ‘Affect’ module increased thickness in regions of the brain strongly associated with empathy. (Source: Forbes)

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Weekly Resonations

Here’s what our team found valuable this week:


This modern day take on the Tao Te Ching provides invaluable wisdom and a counterintuitive approach to leadership. One of my favorite reads this past year.



A music video I really enjoy!


My Heroine - Yayoi Kusama: explorer of infinity, prolific painter, sculptor, performance artist, fashion designer, experimental film-maker, poet and novelist. While Yayoi is the highest paid living female artist today, she has spent most of her life proving herself and seeking recognition in a male dominant art world. Her contemporaries, such as Andy Warhol, copied her shamelessly and took credit for her ideas, pushing her to attempt suicide as an ultimate expression of depression and desperation. Her art never ceases to elevate to the next level. She is currently living in an institute, where art therapy is used to help patients cope and her studio nearby makes it possible for her to finally live her dream.

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