Junto's Kickstarter is LIVE

let's get this off the ground

Good morning everyone,

Our Kickstarter is now live!

It’s quite an exciting day here at Junto! Check out our video and campaign at this link. Anything you can do to help us get in front of as many people as possible is greatly appreciated. Every action matters. Funding with Kickstarter is all or nothing and the first few days are very important. Let’s get this off the ground!

The most important things you can do to help are:

  • Check out Junto’s Kickstarter Campaign here

  • Share our announcement on Facebook here

This campaign will run for 30 days.

Thank you to everyone for your endless support. Additionally, thank you to those who came to our video debut last night. Thank you Holochain. Thank you friends, family and to every individual who is taking action to help share this empowerment!

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to these upcoming weeks,

- The Junto Team

Here’s the Kickstarter link for easy access copy and paste: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1958309948/junto-a-new-breed-of-social-media