Flux #37 - Participate (again) in This Co-Creative Process

A Movement For Authenticity


Tomis right back at you.

First of all, wow -- a huge high five of gratitude to all who engaged with the survey I sent out in the last Flux. The insights we received have been validating and invigorating. Here’s what we are hearing loud and clear:

  • Arguments, aggressive debates, and self-congratulatory echo chamber sharing is exhausting

  • Meaningful, respectful, and authentic dialogue and learning from different perspectives is crucial

  • Let’s have easy and clear ways of knowing and controlling who is seeing what we share

  • And, simple and clear user privacy agreements would be nice

  • More mindfulness, presence, and depth -- less distractions, shallow engagement, and endless scrolling

  • A valuable social media experience would facilitate new, interesting, and meaningful offline connections

There were, of course, other experiences and creative ideas shared that we are noting and discussing more with folks directly.

Let’s keep this going!

We can design features and UX in certain intentional ways to facilitate healthier patterns, but we also have to choose how we engage with each other and what healthy boundaries may be necessary for making Junto a positive experience for all. 

We need your help to create one or two initial Junto Community Agreements that will help set the tone for an intentional culture within the Junto space.

Share your perspective with us in this short survey.

With love and gratitude,

- Tomis


Here are some quick highlights from our most recent Junto event, Creating Space! Thanks to Drea for putting this awesome event together and to Kerry Brown for providing beautiful tunes :)


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